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5 Things Teachers Want to Know about Multiplication Nation.

1) How is your program different than the others?

Most programs that claim to teach the times tables give kids a bunch of games to play, or promise that that they’ll help kids learn their math facts in just a few days.

This is NOT one of those programs.

Games only work when the students have already mastered their math facts, and the only real way to master them is to put in the time (which is the one thing busy teachers and parents don’t have enough of).

In Multiplication Nation, I’m actually teaching, and students are learning. Using strategies that I know work from my years of experience (like using music, hand motions and clear, engaging visuals), I take the time to make sure every student learns what multiplication is, how to skip count (which is critical once they start learning division), and really make sure they have their times tables memorized for the rest of their life.

2) How often should my students use the program?

As the teacher, we believe that you know best what your students need most. Some teachers use the program just once per week while in the computer lab. Other teachers whose students have access to iPads use it for 10 minutes per day. And other teachers don’t use it at all – they have their students use it after class, or in the evenings!

We didn’t create this program to give kids “another thing to do.” We designed it so that kids can work at their own pace, taking all of their learning styles, special needs and available technology into consideration.

And, if you’re not sure how often to use it, we’ve created “Recommended Schedules” that you can use, to make sure ALL of your students stay on track, finish the program, and master their times tables, freeing you up to teach the content you need to!

3) So they can use it on any device?

Yes! As long as you’ve got access to the internet, Mr. Alex and his friends will be there to help your child master their times tables.

4) What kind of support do you offer?

We offer several important levels of support:

Our tech support is top notch. With so many students using different devices, browsers and connection speeds, there could be a time when you need some help. We’ve never had anything that we couldn’t de-glitch, and will work with you until it’s resolved.

We get you the parent support you need. Every time your child masters a number, you’ll get a customized email letting you know, so that you can cheer them on (and so they know you’re following their progress).

We support you with fun games and activities that you can use in the classroom. Every two weeks, we’ll send you ideas, games, videos and articles that you can use to keep your students (and yourself) motivated and learning. By having your students use Multiplication Nation, you’ll become an expert yourself on teaching the times tables!

And, Mr. Alex is happy to set up a “Surprise Video Call” with your class to have some fun and keep your students on-track and motivated.

We support your entire school, by coaching and sharing ideas on how you can create a true culture of learning across your entire campus. Imagine if every student at your school mastered their times tables. It would change everything.

Bottom Line: We’re happy to help any time you need it. Send us an email, give us a call, and we’ll be there for you.

5) You say you GUARANTEE my child will master their times tables. What does that mean?

We are so confident that your child will master their times tables using Multiplication Nation that if they go through the entire program, as directed, and don’t score at least 90% on the final assessment, we’ll refund your money (if you sign up for the entire year, we’ll refund all of it; if you sign up for the monthly billing, we’ll refund 3 months of it).

When we say we GUARANTEE your child will master their times tables, we really mean it.

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