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Our Mission:
Get ALL Students To Master Their Times Tables

In keeping with our mission, we wanted to make sure Multiplication Nation could reach students in the most struggling schools and neighborhoods – like those in which Alex spent his entire teaching career.

So, we decided to donate one Multiplication Nation membership to a student in need for every ten purchased. (That means you help students in need with every membership you buy!)

  • If you are a teacher in a school struggling for funds to purchase Multiplication Nation, please contact us to apply for donated memberships; we can also support you with grant applications.
  • We also highly encourage teachers who want to raise funds quickly and efficiently to use DonorsChoose.org — which allows you to post your class desire for Multiplication Nation and collect donations from the wider community to support teaching your students their times tables! Contact Us if you’d like wording for your DonorsChoose page.

We won’t stop until we help every student, in every neighborhood, learn their times tables—and get the foundation for success in math and life!